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Neural surrealism manifesto

Neural surrealism aims to produce art beyond human imagination, experience and our current understanding. AI is used as a substitute for the unconscious mind to materialize philosophical ideas, tales, dream worlds and all things unknown, while keeping the results aesthetic and accessible to humans. Neural surrealistic art is made by neural networks or similar forms of artificial intelligence. Ideally all substance in Neural surrealistic art would be created without human interference, from concepts to final execution. Neural surrealistic art should strive to produce results that are qualitywise indistinguishable from art made by humans and even challenge the idea that humans are axiomatically more creative than machines.



Neural surrealism manifesto





Thank you for visiting This site and the manifesto was created by Dr. Kimmo Karvinen, I'm always open to any ideas and suggestions concerning new innovations, projects, collaboration or fun. Email me.

These images are created by a neural network utilizing text-guided diffusion models. Some images have been cropped, in some galleries basic color corrections have been made. As AI utilizes broad image datasets, while unlikely, it could be technically possible that it would produce results that would look too much like the original images. Significant efforts have been made to ensure uniqueness of the art produced. Nevertheless, if you spot a part of an image that closely resembles existing art or illustration, please email me.